EFO Financial Group employs sophisticated real estate investment strategies targeting opportunities with superior risk-adjust return. The firm makes acquisitions across several asset classes ranging from $2 million to more than $50 million as a result from changes in market supply and demand, sector rotation and arbitrage existence.

EFO’s small relative size provides a distinct competitive advantage by allowing us to effectively capitalize on market opportunities prior to mainstream sell-side institutions.

Investment Characteristics:

Asset: Real Estate, Note / Debt (Real Estate)
Target Size: $2 million - $50 million
Ownership:   Buyout, Joint Venture (Majority Ownership)
Deal Type:   Cash Flow Positive or In Need Of: Stabilization, Repositioning, Redevelopment
Territory: United States
Collateral:      Real Estate Owned, Pre-Foreclosure, Multi-Unit Dwellings, Healthcare, Office, Industrial, Retail, Special Purpose



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