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EFO Financial Group is a provider of alternative financing solutions to U.S.-based companies seeking capital in challenging and dynamic markets. The firm makes direct private loans across several asset classes ranging from $2 million to more than $50 million, allowing companies to continue operating through periods of insufficient liquidity.

By leveraging its speed, certainty and experience, EFO is able to successfully execute transactions and help ensure the full potential of the underlying investment.

Financing Characteristics:

Business: Real Estate or Corporate
Loan Target: $2 million - $50 million
Loan-to-Value:  Up to 60%
Term:  1 - 5 years
Prepayment: No Penalty
Rates: Interest Only, Varies According To Collateral / Loan Structure
Fees: Upfront Points Apply, Varies According To Collateral / Loan Structure
Collateral: Real Estate, Fixed or Liquid Assets
Bankruptcies & Foreclosures, Development & Construction, Property Acquisition, Bank Workouts, Refinancing, Reorganization, Restructuring, Recapitalization, Turnaround, M&A, Buyouts, Workings Capital, Spin-Offs, Special Situation (Any business related application)



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